Region 6 doesn’t advertise in the Seattle Times, on, attend job fairs, or hire corporate headhunters to find new employees. We prefer instead to seek out people through an informal network of friends, colleagues, and business associates. We don’t want someone who can just do a job; we want the best person for the job. Yet we don’t look for “stars” seeking special treatment and perks. Our best efforts are collaborative, and the Region 6 culture rewards the ensemble player while it barely tolerates those who need the limelight. 

Of course we do hire some people strictly for their technical expertise. What they all do share, is a passion for something outside themselves, whether for surfing or opera, climbing or gardening, skiing or community activism.

Region 6 provides an amazing environment to work and offers 401K, health & dental insurance as well as tuition reimbursement. 



Nothing at this time, but if you send a resume with a cover letter that states what your dream job in the security space looks like we will let you know when we have something available. Please send resumes to