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Intelligent communication solutions for efficient plant communication and integrated security operations.

For over 70 years, we have helped plants and factories achieve safe and efficient operation through communication. Likewise, we have helped security professionals secure these plants through flexible and integrated communication solutions.  Our key offerings include public address and talk-back solutions, radio integration and dispatch, control-room solutions, paging/partyline/conference and a wide array of safety and security integrations. We offer a spectrum of devices tailored for the various industrial environments, from steel mills to pharmaceutical laboratories.

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Onshore Plants, Terminals and Pipelines

For upstream and downstream onshore plants, terminals and pipelines, reliable and safe communication is the key to an efficient, safe and secure operation.

Personnel working in day-to-day plant operation depend on quality audio communication for quick and effective decision making. We combine our experience from our solutions to Offshore Platforms and Building SecurityPublic Safety in order to offer and deliver the best and safest solutions in order to safeguard people and property. IP technology makes it easy to allow physical distribution of system components, still function as one system.

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By developing revolutionary IP-based Intercom and PA solutions, we deliver clear, intelligible audio in extremely noisy environments over standard power over Ethernet connections.

We provide audio solutions that seamlessly integrate into other commonly used technologies so a virtual presence can be achieved. When you are able to see, hear and interact from virtually anywhere, you can make better use of your resources. You can achieve more with less to meet the increasing demands on your services, while staying within budgetary constraints.

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Manufacturing & Processing

We offer a wide range of devices for intelligent communication for factories, production lines, warehouses, and distribution centers. Our integrated communication systems unify operational, safety and security systems enhance workflow.

From Clean-room to IEC-Ex devices, we offer a complete solution for communication over radio, telephony, PA and EN54-certified voice alarm, keeping your employees safe, your property secure and your operations profitable.