Our Maritime History

The history of Zenitel dates back to 1901, when a group of Belgian entrepreneurs founded C.T.S.F. , Compagnie Générale de Télégraphie sans Fil. Following World War II, the company (then named S.A.I.T. Electronics, Société Anonyme Internationale de Télégraphie), entered into various collaboration agreements with other companies including Radio Holland N.V. and Norsk Marconikompagnie A/S. In 1992, the successful partnership with Radio Holland led to a takeover and SAIT Electronics began trading under the name SAIT-RadioHolland. 1997 brought a merger with another Norwegian company, Stentofon, likewise active in the internal communication systems sector.

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New Builds

Zenitel is world renowned for its extensive knowledge in the design, construction, installation and maintenance of integrated marine communication systems. The company, with long-term experience serving the maritime industry, has an impressive portfolio and provides innovative solutions to vessels worldwide under the internationally renowned brand name Vingtor-Stentofon. The Vingtor-Stentofon brand underpin Zenitel Marine's reputation as a supplier of the most flexible, reliable and advanced communication systems available today. A Maritime Communication Expert, Providing Innovative Solutions.


A large number of vessels worldwide are sailing with old Vingtor-Stentofon systems. Due to instances of last-time-buy, we cannot repair or deliver spares to exchanges listed in the table below.

You can however replace all old exchanges and still use the original cabling, and in addition, originally delivered and correct working stations can still be used and will work together with a new ACM exchange.

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Harbours, Ports & Waterways

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Today, major ports are like huge logistic centers with wide and complex infrastructures and a variety of important tasks like docking, loading, unloading, stacking, reclaiming and the handling of any type of cargo a ship or barge might bring. From grain to steel to refinery parts to locomotives to wind turbines and blades. It is very similar to a huge industrial area where the requirement for critical communication equipment is crucial in the day to day operation. Dealing with hazardous goods and areas with a simultaneous focus on health, environment and safety is focus for everyone involved in the day to day operation of a port.

Our offers covers your needs

Zenitel’s offering with Public Address, Intercom and Radio integration is covering more or less all the means  of communication a port will need. Utilizing our Vingtor-Stentofon products and solutions, the need for critical communication with crystal clear audio in all areas from control centers to dockside is covered. We offer special purpose intercom stations for hazardous, noisy and dusty areas as well as a full fletched native IP public address system for important announcements and voice evacuation purposes.

Safety, security & high availability

Our critical communication systems are designed to support safety & security through high availability systems in all the demanding areas at the port. Upon detection of an incident, our Vingtor-Stentofon solutions will generate alarms, initiate pre-recorded messages and notify emergency response people. It is also possible to open two-way communication and talkback functionality by using our intercom edge devices to communicate back to the control center that initiated the evacuation messages, alarms and other important security messages at the port area.