Too frequently the news reports high-profile incidents that can happen anytime, anywhere.  As your campus security services provider, Region 6 will work with you to help be prepared for everyday and unexpected safety issues.  We design and implement a campus security solution that addresses your specific objectives.

Today’s security technologies are ideal for the demands of campus environments.  From single building complexes to multi facility institutions spread over tens of acres.  Region 6 delivers reliable, high quality, cost-effective solutions that meet you specific school security.

Importantly, perhaps no other market is moving faster toward the implementation of network-based video security.  And Region 6 is right there every step of the way with the broadest selection of IP Cameras and network-based video management systems.

Here at Region 6 we take pride in crafting each and every solution to specifically fit the needs of your campus. We evaluate your current operations and listen closely to your parameters and safety goals before even starting to piece together a plan. We understand that the safety of your students and staff, and the comfort level of the parents are crucial driving factors in the overall success of your College or University. Our approach is a personal one – treating your staff as individuals to address their end user concerns, and working with budget parameters is all part of our process.

Whether you simply need design help, or are looking to install a new system with an on-going maintenance plan, we can meet your needs.